Ambi pur Air Effect Lavender Bouquet Air Freshener - 275 g


    • Color: Lavender Bouquet
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Flavour Name: Lavender Bouquet

  • Product Dimensions: 22 x 15.2 x 6 cm ; 277 g

Product description

Flavor:Lavender Bouquet

Do you sometimes feel that your home has an annoying persistent odour? Well, 2 out of 3 Indian women agree, according to an independent third party survey on Indian households, that odours are common in every home, making it clear that ‘Smelly Homes’ are a prevalent and widespread issue! Considering our love for food, spices, tadka and flavors, it is no surprise that the survey goes on to reveal that Indian women rank smells from cooking garlic and tadka as the no. 1 most common household odour, and smells from cooking fish and other non-vegetarian dishes, as no.2 on that list. The challenge with common household odours is that they are tough to completely remove. The survey further adds that Indian women and men agree that household odours become more prominent during the summer and monsoon seasons. These seasons bring with them a host of smells ranging from sweaty clothes to dirty shoes, damp clothes to smelly socks. An easy way to battle these tough household smells is to use an air freshener, and more than 90% of Indian women agree. Ambi Pur Air Effects is the perfect air freshener for you, since it can transform your home from ‘Smelly to Smiley’ because it doesn’t just cover but truly removes the odours! and guess what? It leaves behind a beautiful subtle fragrance as well!! Claims generated from men and women who were in agreement with the above statements as per a 3-city (992 person) survey conducted by an independent third party agency in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, in April 2015.

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Ambi Pur

Though we strive hard to keep our homes and our cars clean and tidy, the results are rarely satisfactory. Odours that linger in our homes just before guests arrive, or a persistent stench that never leaves the car, not only adversely affect our mood, but also that of our guests. With this in mind, P&G experts have bottled the fragrance of freshness with the new Ambi Pur range for both homes and cars.

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